Parking and Dining in the Yokohama China Town not so Inconvenient

The Yokohama China Town District is an Exciting and Busy Destination and normally we’d use public transportation to visit the Area.  This isn’t necessarily a an absolute as Parking Spots are sprinkled around the blocks surrounding the Tourist Attraction & a modern Elevator Chukagai Parking (China Town Parking)  is located right next to the East Gate.  (Our one hour Parking Fee amounted to 700 Yen.)

Time restricted us from exploring Dining Opportunities and we selected the Peking Hanten located on the other side of the Main (East) Gate across from the Parking Facility.  Its Web Site boasts that the Restaurant was the first Beijing Styled Restaurant in Japan.  Regular customers comment positively on the Restaurant Specialties Peking Duck, Xialongbao (Juicy or Soup Dumplings).  We thoroughly enjoyed the Xialongbao and Gomoku Yakisoba.  We appreciated the clean venue, convenient location and delicious food.  Be prepared to pay “tourist designed prices” as most items on the menu start at 1400 Yen and Lunch Sets are not available on weekends.

Peking Hanten (Click on MAP)  http://www.chinatown.or.jp/gourmet/detail/236

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