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My Wife & I initiated this Blog to comment on Restaurants, Business Experiences and Life in General in the Greater City of Tokyo.  It’s our hope that our bilingual, bi-cultural background & daily experiences will be interesting & informative for Expats and Tourists spending time in Japan.  
As a Simultaneous Interpreter and Facilitator for Multinational Corporations my Japanese Bride is exposed to exciting Business & Political Experiences & her perspective enjoyed at our family dinner conversations is worth sharing.  I’m a Canadian Entrepreneur working with Government Institutions and Medical Companies throughout Asia. 
This Biographical Note may or may not be relevant.  The two of us are passionate about Italian Cuisine and challenge anyone to find a better venue outside of Italy than Tokyo for terrific Italian Dining Experiences.  We will write reviews of Restaurants, Bistros and Cafes outside the beaten path and will have fun in the process.  Our 8 Year Old Daughter accompanies us to most destinations and her unprejudiced view point is most true.  An Executive Summary would describe this blog as an Amateur’s Restaurant Review with side bars on Culture & Business. 

Drive Carefully. Good luck with all your endeavors and by all means please feel free to drop us a line. In the mean time you can be sure that our family is enjoying the Journey.

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