A return to BISTRO 30

Bistro 30 is located on the suburban South Side of Musashikosugi Station and is worth the walk if you’re in the neighborhood.

After a three-year hiatus, we enjoyed a Sunday evening dinner at BISTRO 30, and it remains sensational.

The one difference is the lack of the rough edge the venue offered in the early years, but food quality, friendly service, and speedy delivery remain constant.

Don’t miss ordering the Pork Knuckles, as they’re delicious and cut with scissors upon arrival at the table. Order early as they sell out. The salads, fresh fish carpaccio, tapas plates, and pasta will not let you down.

The wine list offers something for everyone with nice options from Europe and the new world.

Reservations are a must as the place is packed by 7 pm.


Two Tokyo Restaurants and a gem in Kawasaki

The Rugby World Cup and Olympics are coming to Tokyo, and we've found three restaurants worth consideration for visiting foodies.
SERYNA is an attractive dining option located on the 52nd floor of the Sumitomo building, the Kamome no Italian located in Yoyogi is a rare find, and the Francais La Port awaits visits from intrepid travelers exploring the Kawasaki suburbs.
*The SERYNA restaurant in Nishi-Shinjuku Restaurant is located on the 52nd floor of the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building and offers exquisite
early evening views from your table. You might spot Mount Fuji, and you'll enjoy the transition as the city lights up for those dining late.
The Seryna serves excellent tapas, sashimi, and a wonderful Shabu Shabu. The staff dress in a traditional Kimono and the service is friendly and professional. Prices are reasonable, and reservations are recommended.

The Kamome no Italian in Yoyogi is one of my personal favorites. The menu changes daily, the staff is efficient and knowledgeable, the wine list is impressive, and the food is sensational.
We recommend their version of  Bagna cauda, which is prepared and served at your table. The carpaccio made with fresh fish is a must, and their T-bone steak will make your trip to this restaurant worthwhile.

Lunches are busy but offer excellent value. We splurge on dinners to celebrate special occasions. The menus are available only in Japanese, but this is a minor obstacle as the staff will do their best to make you feel comfortable and assist you in selecting your dinner items.

Should your travels stretch to Kawasaki, we strongly recommend the Francais La Port located near Mizonokuchi Station on the Nambu Line.
The set menu offers Japanese vegetables and seafood appetizers served fresh and often specific to the season. Their main course of Ohi wagyu Beef is a specialty of the Francais La Port, and the presentation of each dish is creative, and each plate is served with care.

You'll love the desserts. We suggest you let them know if it's your birthday, as they serve your dessert with a message, while a music box plays at your table.