A Lesson from an Auto Body Shop in Kawasaki; the Best have Universal Qualities

After a Fender Bender in a Parking Lot near Yokosuka Naval Base, my Car Insurance Agent directed me to an Auto Body Shop near our home.  Upon arrival at SATO JIDOUSHA. Inc. (Sato Automobiles),  a Franchisee of Car Conveni Club. Co., I was astonished by the size of the Service Center.  It maximized every square inch of a 4 Car Garage and the side street adjacent to the business.  From this point forward, the interaction (all in Japanese) was text book professionalism.  Courteous reception from everyone within ear shot, computer generated proposal immediately upon request, offer to contact and subsequent follow thru with my Insurance Agent, and finally receipt of my vehicle and repair of its back fender.  The job was done satisfactorily and costs ran true to the estimate.
Prior to picking up my Toyota Harrier my wife informed me that the SatoCar Repair Company was ranked number one by their franchise (1200 shops) two years running.  When mentioned to the General Manager upon receipt of my car he stated:  “It’s all about the men on the floor of my shop.  Your thanks and appreciation will be passed on to them.”  Right out of Jim Collin’s “Good to Great” – The very best businesses share Universal Qualities wherever they’re run.

Sato Jidousha  Inc. (Access)  http://www.satoucar.com/outline.html


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