Bakery Restaurant Saint-Marc

We’ve been driving by the Bakery Restaurant Saint-Marc for two years and finally tried it today.  Our most convenient (nearest) Outlet for this Japanese Chain is located in Takatsu-ward in Kawasaki. It has easy access and a large parking lot.  We arrived shortly after the Restaurant’s 11 AM opening and observed a full parking lot and line up by 11:30 AM.  Even during challenging economic times this Restaurant is maximizing the weekend traffic.

The Saint-Marc  Chain has a great product and business model.  Twenty flavors of warm buns are served with fresh butter straight from the oven throughout your dinner.  (It’s a cardiovascular endurance athletes’ dream.) Set menus include choices of salads, vegetable, fish and meat appetizers, soups and a variety of broiled meats, poultry and fish for the main course.  Staff energy is maximized as they Greet Guests, Bake, take orders, serve and bus in their Chef Jackets and Hats.

The setting at the Kawasaki Store was almost elegant with a Grand Piano, classy tables with a full complement of silver ware and white table cloths.  Customers dressed casually and many families with children found theirselves welcome.  Prices were very fair (brunch averaged 2500 Yen per person.)  We’ll return to this location and this thought was encouraged by discount coupons and promises of invitations for birthdays and anniversaries for sensational offers.
Bakery Restaurant Saint-Marc (List of stores in Japanese)

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