Nirvana Restaurant: a Very Nice Surprise for Lunch near Yokosuka Chuo Station

We love dining at Indian Restaurants as a Family but few are standouts worthy of recommendation.  This changed today.  We reserved a table & visited the Nirvana Indian Nepali Restaurant across from the Seiyu Department Store near Yokosuka Chuo Station. 

It’s your Classic, No Thrill, Family Owned Ethnic Restaurant that every diner likes to discover & record in their personal book of “go to places”.  Prices were very reasonable even in consideration of the high powered yen.  The Nirvana “C Lunch” Set is inclusive of soft drinks or tea, two curries, Nan, Tandori Chicken, rice, samosa, coleslaw salad & a Yogurt Fruit Dessert ( 1150 Yen).   A small draft “lunch” beer is 250 Yen & a larger pint sells for 350 Yen.

Our orders were taken and served in a timely and friendly manner.  The Tandori Chicken was especially good; juicy and properly spiced.  Curries can be specifically ordered mild to blast furnace chili hot levels and every order met expectations.  My in-laws lived and worked in Calcutta for five years and they expressed sincere appreciation for the “Healthy Curry” made with spinach, asparagus and Okinawan “Goya”or bitter melon.  The mutton/ eggplant curry was a favorite and the Special of the Day was a chicken/bamboo shoot combination that everyone enjoyed.

Nepal is the Home of the British Military Brigade of Gurkhas.  The famous Regiment known for bravery and their ever present heavy “Kukris” Knife.  One was gifted to the Owner of the Nirvana Restaurant by his cousin and is on display.  We were gratified that this Nepalese Family chose business and cultural education with their tasty cuisine over the rigors of the military.  Ironically, they serve hundreds of servicemen as the Nirvana has been no secret to Yokosuka Naval Base since opening three years ago.  Bollywood Fans will enjoy the movies played thru lunch and the Nepal Tourist Posters present all over the Restaurant are attractive if not informative.

Nirvana Indian Nepali Restaurant              http://www.nirvanafood.com/ (English)

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