Les Cristallines (Cuisine Francaise) in Omote Sando: A Can’t Miss for an Impressive Lunch

One of the best value options for Fine Dining is the Lunch Set offered by most Restaurants in Tokyo.  The Les Cristallines located within a ten minute walk from Omote Sando Station defines the opportunity for friends to enjoy Exceptional Cuisine Francaise,  Professional Service and a Cozy Atmosphere.    

Our Set Lunch included a delicious plate of hor d'oeuvres made up of Duck Pate, Salmon Mousse,  Quiche Lorraine, Potato Salad, Carrot Salad and Olives.  This was followed by a lightly spiced Pumpkin Soup served chilled .  

Les Cristallines offers several options for a Main Course and three choices dominated our Groups selection.  This included a sautéed “Suzuki” (Sea Bass) served on a bed of mashed potatoes and enhanced with an “American” Sauce.  Two other popular choices were the Australian Beef Steak and a Sausage prepared and served in a fine Pastry.

   Everything was presented carefully and served in an impressively timely fashion.  Chocolate Dessert Fans will leave Les Critallines satisfied.  The Choux a la Crème Patissiere au Chocolat will knock your socks off.  The entire set inclusive of consumer tax rounded out under 2000 Yen.
The Wine Selection was more than adequate and Maitre D’Hotel Bauer Jean-Luc suggested affordable options that worked nicely with our choices from the Menu. 

His personal interest in maximizing our lunch experience was most appreciated.  (He encouraged me to focus more on my Suzuki and less on Dialog “to enjoy the Main Course Selection while it was Hot”.)  A nice selection of cheese served with Raison Toast is not normally available at lunch but Jean-Luc made this happen upon our request.

We hope that most groups visiting Les Cristallines enjoy it as much as Steven Quaiver  & his 6 “Old Boys”.  You can reserve a table in the semi-private room at the rear of the Restaurant . We can attest that it is suitable for a lengthy lunch peppered with conversation and loud Camaraderie. 

Les Cristallines              http://r.gnavi.co.jp/p241300/map/ (access – Japanese only)

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