Daikanyama Aso Celest in Futakotamagawa - A Place to Dine and Celebrate

Futakotamagawa is a Mecca for River Side Sports and Outdoor Parties.  Tamagawa Takashimaya Department Store located across from the Tokyu Futakotamagawa Station is an excellent destination for Gift Shopping when you’re looking for things Japanese and want them wrapped in the fashion for which this country is famous.  It has a busy and exciting food floor andthe top tiers have some nice restaurant options.  We headed to the Penthouse for our 1st Anniversary Celebration.
Daikanyama Aso Celest Futakotamagawa is  located on the Takashimaya Department Store’s 11th Floor (South Building).  It has several tables positioned near the windows offering tremendous views of scenery around the river and as far as the Sky Scrapers in Shinjuku.  The Maître d and other staff are quick to serve and knowledgeable of their menu and extensive wine list.  The waiters replenished our side plates with delicious bread and this was an essential service. (Dishes at the Aso Celest are fresh with delicious combinations of local vegetables, fish and meat but portions are not generous. ) 
Our set menu course began with a crab and shrimp mousse topped with Ikura (salmon eggs) and garnished with Chrysanthemum Leaves.  It was followed by a delicious spaghetti prepared al dente and topped with a vegetable and seafood sauce.  It was prepared with ‘Karasumi’, a dried roe of the mullet Mugil cephalus, which is popular in Nagasaki, Kyushu.  Karasumi  had a strong odor unacceptable to North American Sensitivities.  My Japanese Wife was concerned as it brought back memories of the meals fed to her favorite cat.  We were pleasantly surprised to enjoy the dish and would be pleased to order it again if it appears on the menu. 

The main course was a choice between Wagyu (Japanese Steak) and a Bouillabaisse Dish.  Both were accompanied with creative sauces and dressing served on the side with first rate presentation.

 The restaurant offers wine courses including servings of a sparkling wine, a white and an Italian Red.  This is an affordable option but we chose (with help from the Wine Steward) an Il Borro 2005 and after time in the decanter it was sensational. 

Dessert was a nice combination platter inclusive of a vanilla moose, a scoop of gelato, a caramel cake and fruit bowl.  It came with a sugary Anniversary Congratulations in Italian. 

Executive Summary:  We recommend the Celest for those wishing to celebrate while enjoying a favorite glass of wine and an incredible view.  The service and food will be impeccable and expensive.  The portions are small but the restaurant is generous with their baked goods.  The staff is friendly and will remember you on the second visit.

Daikanyama Aso Celest Futakotamagawa         
Tamagawa Takashimaya S.C                                            

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