Steve Quaiver's Top Five Restaurants in Tokyo

Steve Quaiver is a respected Entrepreneur successful in Commercial Real-Estate and related International Investment Promotions.   It was my good fortune to meet him at the Tama Hills Golf Course about a decade ago, when a member of his foursome didn’t make the tee time.  His friendly demeanor, quiet confidence and general good nature was demonstrated throughout the game and has proven consistent over the years.  He is a loyal friend and adviser.

Steve was born and raised in Chicago and left the Mid-West in the late 60s to serve his country during the Vietnam Conflict.  While on duty in Asia, he began his romance with Japan where he’s lived since leaving the Navy.  He’s a graduate of Sophia University in Tokyo where he developed his Language and Cultural Skills that continue to serve him well.  Steve is the proud husband of Miwako and their son George who works in Hawaii as an Architect.  Steve is a World Traveler and enjoys and studies Japanese and Western Cuisine. 

He generously offered to name his five favorite restaurants in Japan.  The list follows:

1. Inakaya in Roppongi - This is Robatayaki (Japanese-style grilling), is a little pricey, but they also put on quite a show which is always of interest to foreigners visiting Tokyo. The vegetables, meat, and fish which they serve are the very freshest.

2. Jojoen in Akasakamitsuke - This is Korean barbecue, and the  restaurant is rather upscale in appearance and service as compared to most Korean barbecue places, and the food is great and the price is reasonable.

3. Kyubei  in Ginza - This is very high end sushi, but none better in Japan for freshness, quality and service.  A little pricey but definitely worth it, even if only on occasion.

4. Sawa  in Shibasaki  (approx. 20 min from Shinjuku by Keio Line) - This is absolutely the best Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake)/ Teppan-yaki  (Japanese Style of cuisine using an iron griddle to cook food) restaurant that I have ever been to in Japan! The price is reasonable, the service questionable, but the taste is off the charts!!  A must try is the Tonpei & Heavy Kyu steak!!

5. Tachikichi  in Shinjuku - This restaurant is very reasonable and serves assorted kushiage which is unusual and very tasty. I have never met anyone who did not like it!  Unfortunately no reservations, so it is a must to get there by 5-5:30pm if you do not want to wait too long to get seated!!
http://www.shinjuku-tatsukichi.com/access.html (Japanese Only)

                                                                   Steve & Miwako 


  1. Steve, I found this blog of yours at the end of the day! Hope you have been well. Do you remember me who played tennis with you at Sophia in 1975-76? I recall your saying "Katsu bakari ne!!" in our game of tennis. K-ichi and I stayed at your home in Chicago in the winter of 1976 where we had a lot of drink together. I had lost contact with you since my wife and I had a dinner with you in Hong Kong. I would like to see you again after many years of absence. You can contact me at my facebook if you still remember my name, or send me a note to the following temporary email address: katsubakari.ne*gmail.com (please change "*" to "@" when sending note). Cheers. YF

  2. Steve, I found your picture on this site by coincidence. Both of you look great. It is so nice to see both of you as I was invited at your wedding in Tokyo nearly 35 years ago. I also played tennis at the court of your apartment in LA near Pacific Coast Highway while you were with FESCO.
    This year, I turned to be 70 years old but still in good shape when playing tennis 2-3 times a week. You can find me on http://www.gmc.or.jp/boeki/consultant.html