Try the Other Side of Yokohama China Town

We’ll give credit where it is due. Thank you once again to Tabelog for an excellent assessment and recommendation. (Tabelog is a Japanese Site where registered members write serious restaurant critiques. My foxy bride likes their track record.) We found the Ban Rai Tei located near the Market Street (Shijo Dori) at the outer circles of Yokohama China Town through Tabelog and it was a hit.

The Restaurant has a long history & originated as a noodle house specializing in takeout meals. They continue to offer this service but we enjoyed their quick and efficient service while sitting down in their six table restaurant. It reminds me of a large kitchen with simple décor (a clock, photos of celebrity customers including Baseball Legend Shigeo Nagashima and some simple statues.) The restaurant and washroom are noticeably clean and servers are neat and tidy. It’s a great place to simply eat great food and move on to your next weekend adventure.

The Tabelog Blog and Restaurant Boast the “Best” Shanghai Style Chow Mein and Xialongbao (Juicy or Soup Dumplings). Both were delicious but expect tasty meat without the flavorful juice and soup you experience with the Peking Style Dumplings. Vegetable lovers won’t go wrong with the stir fried assortments, and the sweet and sour pork (Subuta) made my day. Our meal was completed with a large pot of Excellent Jasmine Tea. An Executive Summary for the Ban Rai Tei would read “fine food at a convenient location, away from the tourist rush, and at affordable prices.”

Tabelog                    http://r.tabelog.com/ (Japanese only)

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