Amalfi MODERNA Across from Tokyo Station’s North Exit

With the luxury of an hour and half to review Meeting Preparation Material and a need for a coffee, I ventured to the OAZO Building across from the North Gate of Tokyo Station. There’s a terrific book store (Maruzen) throughout the first and the fourth floors of the OAZO Building, but the venue also offers several restaurant options.

Amalfi MODERNA had plenty of empty tables and was open throughout the afternoon. The menu also offered a Gelato/Coffee set that was enticing. The Service in the small Café was courteous and fast. I was seated by an Italian Gentleman open to conversation and served by an equally friendly Japanese Waiter. The desert and espresso were very well presented and truly hit the spot. Total for the set with tax was 1000 Yen. The Amalfi Group advertises five other restaurant locations that will be worth a try.

Marunouchi Oazo (Japanese only) http://www.marunouchi.com/oazo/index2.html

Maruzen Bookstore@Marunouchi http://www.maruzen.co.jp/corp/shop/marunouchi.html

Amalfi MODERNA (Japanese only)


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