A return to BISTRO 30

Bistro 30 is located on the suburban South Side of Musashikosugi Station and is worth the walk if you’re in the neighborhood.

After a three-year hiatus, we enjoyed a Sunday evening dinner at BISTRO 30, and it remains sensational.

The one difference is the lack of the rough edge the venue offered in the early years, but food quality, friendly service, and speedy delivery remain constant.

Don’t miss ordering the Pork Knuckles, as they’re delicious and cut with scissors upon arrival at the table. Order early as they sell out. The salads, fresh fish carpaccio, tapas plates, and pasta will not let you down.

The wine list offers something for everyone with nice options from Europe and the new world.

Reservations are a must as the place is packed by 7 pm.

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