A quest to publish The  Courier, a Thriller of  a  Novel by Gordon JC Campbell

It’s finally complete.  After talking about writing a novel for over three decades I’ve finished a 90-thousand-word thriller.

Technology allows authors to self-publish and market their books thru social media.  This might be the way to go as my first few query letters to Publishing Agents were rejected.

(This made me feel like a real artist and at the very least shows that agents take time to read the submissions to the “slush”.)

The process is a labor of love.  I brow beat friends and relatives into critiquing my novel and their feed-back is invaluable.  This leads to multiple re-writes and at last the product is ready to read.

Now it’s time to submit to Publishing Agents and there are many considerations.

-1-How to write a query letter

-2-The need for a concise synopsis. (Try to boil down 99 thousand words to a single page.)

-3-Find the right publishing agent that appreciates your art and genre. One piece of advice uncovered is to follow the path of successful writers from your genre. Who are their publishing agents?

-4-Be ready to represent your platform. A writer’s website, blogs, speaking engagements, and social media are helpful.   (An agent would prefer to find your nationally televised interview on YouTube but………….)

We’ll share the ebb and flow of the quest for publication and hope you enjoy the ride. The Courier, is a roller coaster of a novel and we’ll work to get it out. 

Following is a short description of the novel. Your comments and critique are encouraged and welcome.

When Gregg Westwood left the Yokota Officers’ Club at the American Air Base in Tokyo, he had no idea that it marked his last day as free citizen.  The brief conversation at the bar with US Government agents unleashed a chain of events destructive to Westwood, his new employers and the people standing in their way.

Intelligence agents at Yokota Air Base are tasked with a mission by Old Boys in Virginia.  A terrorist associated with the kidnapping, torture and murder of CIA Station Chief, William Francis Buckley in Beirut surfaced in Bangkok. They want retribution and the unsanctioned mission must stay off the grid.  The assignment is complicated by communication leaks and North Korean disruptions.  It is further jeopardized when Japanese Yakuza execute vicious pay back for debts long forgotten.

Westwood protests when the courier assignment morphs into a supporting role for wet work.  He’s used in the operation and injured. After a short hospitalization he is followed back to Tokyo where his life is literally blown apart. 
Westwood faces enemies he didn’t know existed. The survival of his Japanese wife and daughter depends on an intrepid friend, American government intervention, instinct and luck.
This blog finishes with a picture of Oliver who actually plays a role in The Courier.



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