Bistro Capricieux – a secret worth sharing


The Bistro Capricieux is located in a quaint free-standing former family home tucked into the North Side of Odakyu Noborito Station.  The restaurant was opened and continues to be directed by Chef Kikuchi, a graduate of the respected Tsuji Culinary Institute.  It’s been our “go to” dining choice for several years and without conscious intent have kept it a secret.  The service and French culinary preparations have been Excellent. 

The staff take the extra steps necessary to make an Anniversary or birthday memorable and they welcome regular customers with enthusiasm.  (Several of the staff are good musicians and will sometimes lead renditions of happy birthday with guitars and accordions.)  It’s been a good run and we’re gratified to report that recent changes have made the dining experience even better.  The staff are enthusiastic and passionate about their craft.
We’ve ordered a la carte but have found the best value to be the Set Menus.  Dishes that come with the combinations are usually enjoyable and the encouraged experimentation pays off.   Recently we’ve started working with Tsuyuzaki san the Matre’d to pair each course with appropriate wine selections.  It makes for a fun evening as Bistro Capricieux offers interesting selections for wine by the  glass.  Bottles are brought to the table to assist with the decision making process. (Tsuyuzaki san pictured left below and Chef Yuuki Kitada stands far right.)
The Chef Yuki Kitada has brought new life to the kitchen and the results have been terrific.  He’s doing his homework and his creative offerings are presented well and taste great.  We’ve been impressed by dishes prepared with seasonal vegetables, fresh fish and interesting main course specials including wild boar and venison.  Last night’s favorites were Moroccan Lamb and Ayu (sweetfish), a river fish caught in Shizuoka.  Deserts such as caramel mousse and rare cheese cake are prepared by the Bistro and will not disappoint you. 

Seats are limited and reservations are highly recommended.  Phone:  044-933-6621
Operating Hours: 11:30-14:00 LO 17:30-21:30 (21:00 on Sundays & Holidays) LO
Closed on Wednesdays

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