Bistro Oeuf Oeuf is a blue chip experience waiting at Futakotamagawa

We found a Great Bistro in Tokyo and have enjoyed both lunch and dinner there on several occasions.  The Bistro Oeuf Oeuf is now our “go to place.”  It is located at Futakotamagawa and is about a five minute walk from the station.  It’s a blue-chip experience 
Shall we do inventory?
Great food, check. 
Excellent service, check.
Nice selection of wines, check.
Value for your money, check. 
An interesting ambiance and sparkling clean presentation, check.

Tokyo is arguably the world’s greatest city for foodies.  What makes the Bistro Oeuf Oeuf  stand apart amongst the food and beverage giants in Japan’s capital city?

Start with Yuri Souma, the oeuf oeuf’s general manager. (Tencho)  This lady meets you at the door with a big smile, hangs your coat, and continues working to meet your expectations. 
We often order the daily set menu.  Yuri and her colleagues are pleased to assist with selections of wine by the glass or the bottle. They are very capable at the art of pairing wines with meal selections.  Some novel wine introductions have been very pleasant surprises.
Today’s lunch course started with an assorted appetizer plate.  Finely shaved ham, Pâté, pickles, a carrot salad, cured bacon and delicately spiced pork mousse.  We enjoyed it with a glass of sparkling wine.  It was crisp and delicious.
The appetizer was followed by a serving of red seabream carpaccio.  It was carefully seasoned, lightly graced with olive oil and garnished with lily bulb.  The sweet and spicy Pinot Gris from Alsace was  poured by the glass and contributed nicely.
We all selected roasted duck for our entrée.  The portions were generous.  The duck was served rare with mashed potatoes and lightly steamed vegetables.  The red wine sauce was memorable.  Our family enjoyed the duck with a pinot noir from Bourgogne.  Its sour cherry flavor meshed well with the bird and sauce .
Passing on dessert at the oeuf oeuf is a major loss of opportunity.  A combination plate of puddings, chocolate cake, cheese cream mousse with cranberry  and the  fresh vanilla ice cream was worth the mortgage on a few 10 K runs.  Just do it.  The entire concept was enhanced by sipping Calvados Domfrontais  apple brandy. Exquisite.

Little big things:
The kitchen prepared duck for lunch knowing that it was our favorite.
The combination dessert plate was specially prepared as a birthday bonus.
Every member of the oeuf oeuf staff wished me a happy birthday. 

We got lots of extra help with photos
The restaurant doesn’t allow children under 12.  (We were actually rejected a few years ago.) The wait for a wonderful family dining experience was worthwhile.

The oeuf oeuf staff does their very best to work with English speakers

Yuri and the head Chef Konno saw us out of the restaurant and wished us safe travels.
The oeuf oeuf creates courses based on the specialties of various regions of France.  We have ordered items outside of our normal comfort zone and really enjoyed the adventure.

The Bistro Oeuf Oeuf has a sister restaurant in Ebisu called Le Bistro.  The two stores exchange kitchen and service staff to stimulate activity and keep things fresh.

Both the Bistro Oeuf Oeuf and Le Bistro specialize in Japanese produced pork.  They will purchase an entire offering from specialized farms to secure a supply of top quality meat.

We can recommend the oeuf oeuf bistro experience with confidence.  Plan ahead.  You’ll need a reservation.
Bistro oeuf oeuf (Bistro Uhufuhu)
Yamanakoji Nishikicho 1F, 3-13-1 Tamagawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0094, Tokyo
Telephone  03-5717-3585

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