Great things a Zombie can do in Tokyo (Kawasaki Halloween 2012)

On Sunday October 28th The 16th Annual Kawasaki Halloween Parade once again attracted huge crowds. The 2012 event centered around the La Cittadella Italian District near Kawasaki Station and was huge fun.  The 3500 extremely well costumed marchers created a sensational spectacle.  All participants in the parade must register on line prior to the event and it fills to the max in just a few days.  This does not negate the opportunity for by-standards to enjoy dressing up.  In fact, my “Walking Dead” inspired costume created unprecedented opportunities from “dawn to dusk”.  Most expatriates (gaijin) will attest that it’s common if not understood to feel different from the crowd in Tokyo.  My day as “zombie” took this isolated social status to another level.
Here are a few great experiences for members of the “walking dead” when visiting Tokyo:

-1-Pay a bill at your local convenience store.  The young cashier wasn’t sure whether it would be appropriate to treat me as a “regular” customer or call an ambulance.
-2-Ride on a JR Train to Kawasaki Station.  Passengers worked hard to pretend that there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary when a “Zombie” took a seat.  Once a brave student asked for a picture the taciturn fa├žade came down and amateur paparazzi emerged. (This was one popular Zombie.)  Even the conductors expressed concern for my “state of health”.

-3-Donating to the Kiwanis Guide Dog Program.  They didn’t enjoy the exercise but the intrepid volunteers on duty at the Kawasaki Station Mall took my donation.

4.Cruising – “Zombies” can have fun hanging out on escalators, walking thru shopping malls and by all means checking out the crowd at the parade.


5.  Making new friends.  My image was recorded by literally thousands of cameras and cell phones.  No complaints – Zombies need love and attention too!



6. Hanging out with a Goat.  There was only one goat in costume at the event.  I met it!

7. Finding Waldo – a bunch of them!


8.  Wining and dining at the bars and restaurants around La Cittadella.  Zombies are guaranteed great service and everyone in costume gets 10% off.



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