Testa-Coda Italian in Shinjuku

When our family is looking for convenience, Excellent Choices from antipasti to dolce and good service at a reasonable price we visit the testa-coda restaurant. The restaurant is well designed to give a modern and spacious feeling even when every table is full.

Location: Shinjuku Station: 6th Floor Lumine Building 1 (Phone: 03-5909-1931)

We optioned for the Dinner Set and feel it offers best value. Two set courses were more than enough for my wife, 9 year old daughter and myself. Our favorite item for the evening was a sautéed pork entre served with a gorgonzola sauce. It edged out a lovely roast duck, spicy Penne All’arabbiata, and a seafood pasta combination. (No complaints; we’d order all these items again.) The Penne is our family’s restaurant acid test. My daughter refuses to eat pasta that isn’t al dente. (Let’s pray for the young man that one day takes her to the “macaroni grill” on a first date.)

The anti-pasta weren’t bad. A tempura like “fritto misto” was well received and as usual my daughter loved her Prosciutto (Parma-Ham). The Bagna Calda (Italian hot anchovy garlic dip for vegetables) was passable as were the yogurt sherbet and tiramisu we shared at dessert. The wine list has several nice options at varying price levels. We selected a 2006 Barolo and were not disappointed. It was our third trip to the testa-coda and we’ve enjoyed quick and energetic service each visit. The atmosphere is more enthusiastic than professional and some nuisances such as wine etiquette seem to have been lost. This didn’t stop us from enjoying the evening. We’ll visit the testa-coda again. Hopefully soon.

Testa-Coda http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g030049/map/

Japanese only with coupon - print this page out to get the complimentary offering below:

1) One complimentary drink with course menu, or 2) 1 complimentary bottle of wine with 4 people’s ordering 3800 yen course each.

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