Miki Sumiyoshi’s (Nude) Challenge; “Wow”

The lovely and charismatic Miki Sumiyoshi was the MC at our Wedding.  She’s my Wife’s friend; (Best Friend) at College and Miki is well recognized in Japan.  Her success as an NHK Television Host has made her a “House Hold Word”. She’s interviewed intellectuals and Sports Stars for over a decade.  (Her interview of Japan’s National Hero and Seattle Mariner Great “Ichiro” was referenced daily for months after its broadcast on Japanese Television.)  This Lady is a Professional and essence of Class. 

 I’ve never been associated with anyone “qualified” or with enough fame to pose & sell  National Magazines.  At one time in my life the bragging rights would have given me “my 15 minutes” of fame.  Miki Sumiyoshi’s venture into the “photographic forum” created an opportunity for dialog. It helped defined values at our home.  I’m pleased with the ebb and flow of our discussions.  My wife stood by her friend and published honest compliments on Facebook.  My critique is more favorable.  Miki Sumiyoshi collaborated with her photographer to create a tasteful and interesting portrait of an intelligent and beautiful woman. She is comfortable in her own skin at 38 years old and the photos are honest.

 The Entertainment World is a strange place for most of the World’s Population.  The difference between the “Gei no Kai” and common citizen in Japan is well defined.  Miki Sumiyoshi bridges the gap for our family and we are proud of her.  Keep fighting the Good Fight Miki.  You are “Brilliant”. 

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