Halloween in Kawasaki - The 15th Annual Parade

The Japanese can truthfully boast that Kawasaki hosts the best Public Halloween Party in Asia.  Many European and North American Cities would do well to take a page out of their Event Plan.  It was simply Excellent.
The Party revolves around Best Costume Contests and Parades.  Entries are limited and online bookings reach cut off limits in just a few days.  Judging and Parades begin near the Italian Village of La Cittadella and near Kawasaki Station.  Costumed Participants follow floats equipped with great sound systems, Professional DJ’s and Cheer Leaders that act more like aerobics instructors as ghosts, zombies, pirates and other frightening or fun creatures jump, dance and slide along.  Three thousand people participated in the Parade and 100,000 watched and encouraged the event.  The Parade marches from 14:00 to 16:00 and the dancing doesn’t stop.

The Parade takes about an hour to organize before departure and is a fine opportunity for photos.  Most contestants were more than happy to model or join group shots.  The Event’s atmosphere was friendly, fun and safe.  Some young children were terrified as costumes are very well done.  (Some of the zombie brides had me cringing.)  This year we observed some impressive Captain Jack Sparrows and his female counterpart, a gorgeous Marie Antoinette, a heard of the Ghostly “Sadako” from the Japanese Horror the “Ring”, and a lovely Coven of Young Witches. (They posed with the little witch that we brought to the Event.)

We took advantage of one of the many Pizza/Spaghetti Restaurants located at the La Cittadella Village for lunch.  We were fortunate to not wait longer than five minutes.  The combination of a nice lunch surrounded by vampires and sexy police women didn’t bother my colleagues.  While enjoying our Margarita Pizza and Chianti we vowed to return in 2012  as a group coordinated in costume.  We’ll be first to hit the Event Website when entries open.  Join us next year - Happy Halloween.

Kawasaki Halloween 2011         http://lacittadella.co.jp/halloween/english.html

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